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legal chickModel City Chicks Code

"The fact that zoning in towns allows residents to raise a barking, crapping dog the size of a small elephant,
but not four hens for a steady, fresh egg supply,
shows just how lacking in common sense we have become as a society."

— Gene Logsdon


A code or ordinance for City Chicks does not have to be long or complicated; in fact, the recommendation is keep it simple. Often times, just adding chickens to the existing laws for dogs and cats overs all the concerns. After reviewing hundreds of city codes, here's the essentials.

1. The principle use is for a single-family home, or community gardens.
2. No person shall keep any rooster; except with special permit.
3. Chickens shall be housed in a covered enclosure (coop) with an appropriately fenced area for a run or perimeter fence for ranging.
4. Chickens shall be treated humanly and kept in a sanitary environment and without crowding at all times.
5. Chickens shall have constant access to adequate food and fresh water.

We left out set back distances because there are no set backs for dogs running and barking along fence lines. Once people get experience with hens they understand how quiet and unintrusive they can be.

Family flocks, during these transition times, might be the difference between thriving or struggle.
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May the flock be with you — Quoth the Chicken: "Evermore"!

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