The Art & Practice of Incubating Eggs, Brooding and Educating Chicks—7:30pm ET. INDIVIDUAL TUITION

The Art & Practice of Incubating Eggs, Brooding and Educating Chicks—7:30pm ET.   INDIVIDUAL TUITION
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The Art and Practice of Incubation

6 Online Classes—some 90 minutes  |   Chat Room   |   24/7 replay of classes
Class Notes with over 200 Slides

                      Facilitated by popular author and educator Patricia Foreman


Incubation is one of the critical keys to local and heritage poultry sustainbiltiy. Artificial and natural (sitting hens) can be confusing. There are many "beliefs" about incubation and broody hens that are based upon: "this is the way it's always been done". These ways are not necessarly the best, nor the easiest ways for both the hen and the eggs.

Students are guided & coached real-time through the entire process of egg selection, incubation. Employing mama hens is included in tandem with artificial incubation and brooding. Join this fascinating, entertaining course from eggs to chicks. Become an Eggspert!

We guarantee that after completing the

The Art and Practice of Incubation Course
you will have the experience and understanding
of how to successfully raise replacement birds for yourself—and others—for the rest of your life!


Topics include:

• Obtaining, selecting & managing hatching eggs

• Incubating artificially & with broody hens

• How incubators can help mother hens with their job

• Broody hen health care, management & broody boxes 

• Embryos & effects of humidity and temperature

• Pipping out: artificial hatchers and under a hen

• Egg & incubator monitoring for optimal viability

• First 3 days chick health care, feeds and feeding

• Tricks to grafting chicks onto mama hens



Students incubate eggs at home or in their class room, and manage broody hens (if any) in tandum with the class so there is real-time, in-sync instructions with the incubating and broody process. Learn incubating skills that will serve you a lifetime, and give you the ability to maintain a self-perpetuating flock. 

Qualifed as one of the advance courses for the Master Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification and Diploma.

Give a person eggs
and they will have an omelet.
Teach them how to incubate
they can have a flock
and eggs for life.

 —Ancient Poultry Proverb


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