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City Chicks is the primary textbook for the Chickens And You Training SeriesCity Chicks brings fresh, innovative and new information about keeping — and employing — backyard flocks of urban chickens. The local foods movement is mushrooming and chickens are the mascot. City Chicks brings fresh, innovative and new information about keeping — and employing — backyard flocks of urban chickens. 

Signed by author!
Proceeds go to the Gossmer Foundation to support local foods projects, Including the Coop Corps.
City Chicks describes how to develope your very own “Chicken Have More Plan” for increased self-sufficiency. Learn how to create hyper-fertile soils to produce hyper-nutritious food from your gardens. Instead of using oil-based chemicals, chickens can help produce fertilizer and compost; they can turn yard waste into garden soil. Hens can also be used as mobile, clucking, (organic and non-toxic), pesticiders, herbiciders, and insecticiders.
And chickens can be of community and civic service. One standard chicken eats about 8 pounds of food “waste” a month. A few hundred households keeping micro-flocks of laying hens can divert tons of yard and food biomass “waste” from trash collection saving municipalities millions, even billions of tax payer dollars. 
This 460 page book has over 120 photos, sketches, and tables bringing visual clarity and simplicity to complex concepts. To see two examples click here:
• Chicken Skill Sets (page 18) and,
• Chickens in Recycling and Food Production Systems (page 19).
"City Chicks ushers in a new paradigm of how to use these versatile, clucking, feathered bipeds in a variety of roles that help decrease carbon foot-prints, save tax payer dollars and support local food supply production."
City Chicks shows how you can: 
• Have fresh, heart-healthy eggs, daily from your backyard home flock.
• Employ your chicken’s “skill sets” as garden workers, organic pesticiders, herbiciders, fertilizers, compost creators and top soil enhancers.
• Harvest and use organic Chicken Manure Fertilizer
• Be a Chicken Whisperer.
• Be a Primary Poultry Health Care Practitioner to save on, and even avoid, vet bills.
• The Poultry’s Pharmacy shows you how to make and use effective, inexpensive home treatments.
• Draft and pass local laws allowing laying hens within your town or city.
• Avoid roosters and why you don’t want them. 
• Do much, much more with chickens than you ever thought possible, including outrageous chicken tricks. 
City Chicks also explores the civic side of chickens and how they can be employed as clucking city workers helping to divert food and yard waste from landfills. This can save millions of tax payer dollars.
Learn how others 
• Have built urban chicken tractors, hen huts, condos and chicken chateaus to blend in with neighborhood landscape and architecture.
• Join in urban eco-agro-tourism with annual coop and garden home tours.
• Start or join local Poultry and Garden Clubs and blogs.
• Keep small flocks to help preserve endangered breeds of chickens.
• Draft and pass local laws allowing laying hens within their town's limits.
"City Chicks is a revelation! It's time someone connected gardenng to raising and keeping hens. This book is filled with excellent adice so that everyone can confidently practice good earth stewardship, not to mention have a prize garden!". — Michael Metallo, President, National Gardening Association 
"Another Take on Chick Lit. The chicken is still having her moment as the mascot and darling of the always-cresting locavore food movement. But as hipsters and foodies from New York to San Franciso embrace her charm and services—many people are struggling to learn how, exactly to care for her. Enter City Chicks."— Penelope Green, The New York Times
"In fact, City Chicks might well become 'The' reference bible for the burgeoning local foods movement." —Cathy Taibbi,
"The focus is on how chickens fit in with so many other common needs and concerns of our century. This is a book for our times." J. D. Belanger, Editor Emeritus, Backyard Poultry Magazine

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