Backyard Market Gardening

Backyard Market Gardening
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Backyard Market Gardening: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling What You Grow

The greatest opportunities can sometimes be found in our own backyards. This is true for the small-scale farmer/gardener who dreams of selling the fruits of their labors to an appreciative public. Discover how easy and profitable it is to grow and sell vegetables, fruits, flower, Herbs and small livestock from your backyard market garden. Make Money at Home!

Learn how others grow and sell:

• 14,000 pounds of food, on less than one-eighth acre — Ohio

• $150,000 from one-half acre, to fancy restaurants — California

• $40,000 from one acre of oriental raised beds — Oregon

• $36,000 from 3/4 acre, to city farmers’ markets — Massachusetts

Learn how you can:

• Earn top dollar, with minimum effort and maximum profits.

• Grow high-value crops in small spaces, efficiently and quickly.

• Create markets that are profitable, reliable, fun and sustainable.

• Improve your garden soil for super yields and superb flavor.

• Buy or build tools that speed your work and increase profits.

Find your market niche in: membership gardening, community supported agriculture, farmers’ markets, card table in your front yard, farm stands, clientele membership clubs, producers cooperatives, restaurants, caterers, institutions, pick your own and even growing specialty crops for your neighbor’s salsa recipe.

This inspirational, dirt-under-the-fingernails book with its earthy humor, has helped inspire "the gardener next door" to grow food not only for themselves, but others as well and make money while doing what they love.
The authors have over 20 years of vegetable growing & small business experience into this handbook for beginning & experienced agricultural entrepreneurs.
A complete guide to business management & marketing for the small scale vegetable grower. Contains a wealth of information on budgets, crop planning, direct marketing, farmers' markets, roadside & farm stands, food cooperatives, caterers, mail order, restaurants, pick your own, wholesale distributors, producers' cooperatives, & subscription marketing services such as clientele membership clubs, community supported farms, & home deliveries.
Covers innovative and appropriately scaled equipment for the greenhouses & fields, labor requirements & training methods, locating & improving land for growing & retailing sites. This book  gives a very strong argument for the economic & ecologic benefits of organic & sustainable growing methods. 
Written by "a master farmer who has walked his talk", Backyard Market Gardening is the flagship book that has helped spawn farmers' markets and community farms across America. It has inspired thousands of communities to pursue local food self-sufficiency. "An easy, entertaining read that is very rewarding to the soul, the soil and the flow of capital".
Twice selected by the Rodale Book Club as the "Editors Choice" for the Book-of-the-Month.
Raves & Reviews
"Market gardening, as described by Andy Lee, is very rewarding to the soul,the soil, the environmet, and the flow of capital." — Jim Hightower
"This is THE book that shows you how to do what you can, with what you have, and where you are." 
— George DeVault, Organic Gardening Magazine

“The farmer of the future will be a gardener. BACKYARD MARKET GARDENING is their working guide.”—Gene Logsdon, author and organic farmer.



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