HOT Weather Chicken Care & Coop Modification, TBA Individual Tuition

HOT Weather Chicken Care & Coop Modification, TBA  Individual Tuition
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HOT Weather Chicken Care & Coop Modification

Hot weather care of flocks is differences from other seasons. Learn simple, time saving ways to make daily tasks easier and keep flocks healthy through the severest of heat. 

• Breed– tolerant hot-climate characteristics 

• Summer egg production
• Coop & shelter hot weather modifications.
• Summer feeds, feeding & water supply.
• Homegrown chicken feed: crops you can harvest from your garden for your flock through the summer.

• Pro-active hot weather management for optimal flock health and production.
• Heat stress and

Getting ready now for the increasingly hot temperatures can help prevent a lot of trouble and harm to your bird later. Students prepare action plans for their summer flock care and coop modification. Individual coaching on what works and what doesn't. Course facilitator Pat Foreman

Qualifed as an advance course for the Master Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification and Diploma

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