Therapy Chickens & Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification BUNDLE —2 courses, 16 classes

Therapy Chickens &  Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification BUNDLE —2 courses, 16  classes
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Take both Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification Course

and Therapy Chicken Courses and save $74.00!

The BYCK couse is prerequsite to the Therapy Chicken course. 
We have had many requests that this special offer to take both couses discounted to
an individual tuition of only $370. 



Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification  Guarantee:

We guarantee that after completing the Primary Series
you will understand how to keep and employ chickens
to help feed yourself, and others
healthy food for the rest of your life!
This live, on-line, 10-class intensive course facilitated by Patricia Foreman gives you new information about keeping—and even more importantly—employing chickens as enablers of local foods. The 10 interactive sessions contain over 500 slides that give beginners and long-time chicken keepers clear insights and understanding about the value of putting to work chickens' skill sets. Classes are recorded for you to replay 24/7 during the course.
Chickens are the most under-employed work force in the world. This course gives you the principles of how to put chickens to work growing food with—and for—both you and your flock. You will know how to create and enhance living soils and use heritage seeds and heritage breeds as one of the keys to your optimal health. 
The information in these courses is not taught at colleges. That’s why we created The Chickens and You Training courses with coaching, so that folks can easily have access to the courses and learn first-hand the practical, humane, cutting-edge ways and advantages of keeping and employing urban chickens and putting them to work helping to solve some of the problems we face in these transition times.
This is for wanna-be chicken owners and seasoned flock owners alike. The old ways of chicken keeping are not the best ways. And family flock chicken husbandry is completely different from commercial management. This course show you the hows and whys of enabling local foods from your own yard!
To optimize your learning experience, each class be prepared to spend about 1 hour in class and about 1 hour doing homework and reading assignments. There is ample time for live cam discussions with other students in the chat room.
Text books are City Chicks: Employing Chickens as Garden Helpers, Compost Creators, Bio-recyclers and Local Food Suppliers, and Chicken Tractor: The Permaculture Guide to Happy Hens and Healthy Soil.
1. Chickens! The Enablers of Local Foods

2. Laying Hens for Egg Production
3. Brooding & Educating Baby Chicks 
4. Eggs-traordinary Eggs: Tips, Tricks and
 Traps of Egg Storing and Preparation

5. Chicken Whispering: Discover the Chicken You Never Knew!

6. Primary Poultry Health Care & The Poultry's Pharmacy
7. Intro. to Gardening with and for Chickens
8. Composting & Biomass Recycling and Top Soil Creation with Chicken Helpers
9. Way of the Hen: Incubating Eggs & Raising Chicks Naturally
10. Final Q&A and Certification Exam
Completing the Backyard Chicken Keeper Course, and passing the final exam,

participants earn the respected 
Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification with a certificate suitable for framing.  
Be all you can be! Be a Chickeneer.


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